Jay Dyer On the Feminized Novus Ordo

On the Feminized Novus Ordo: Local Controversy

A college girl tells us to pray to communist deities that “God end class warfare…”

Local Novus Ordo Priest has Communist Prayers and Genderless Creed

By: Jay

It is a bad thing to be a red-blooded male and attend a Novus Ordo liturgy locally…. Before the mass began, it was asked of the crowd if anyone would like to do the readings that has been trained. I am familiar with how to conduct a traditional Latin Mass as well as how to operate in the Novus Ordo as a server and reader. I offered, but was turned down, because a college girl had offered her skills. I protested that the Catholic theological norm was that the altar role of serving and reading was ideally for men. This met with a fury of protest as I would later discover, but the priest assured me that the bishop here had set the norms that it was okay to allow women to run every aspect of the service. So not only was my overall point rejected (that it is more consistent and traditionally correct to choose male lectors, should they offer), I was told to go away and ask the bishop. So rather than make a sensible response to my point about tradition in general as regards male authority, Fr. Jason McClure (his email is frjason@stleoky.org if you would like to send him some of your own thoughts) preferred I go elsewhere. He made it clear that this is of no immediate concern to him, since the local bishop has given permission to do many things in the liturgy. Well, let’s see what this ends up meaning.

Not only was the mass basically ugly, it included several offensive elements to any who have a love of the reverent and holy. After our beautiful evangelical serenade of praise and worship songs, the all-girl guitar band rested and I decided I was not going to let Fr. McClure scare me away from confronting him on an ugly liturgy as well the local Newman House director of religious education’s consideration of instituting a Catholics Going Green Bible Study. In fact, a month ago I met with the girl who runs the Newman House and showed her documentation through facebook that the Green Movement is a movement of fraud geared towards depopulation. This is completely in contrast to Catholic Dogma which teaches that human life is sacred. I went to snatch a few photos of this hideous mass to make sure I had evidence.

What followed next was even worse. The homliy was actually good, and was all about helping the poor and uplifting the downtrodden. However, this only adds to the utter hypocrisy of doing a Going Green Bible Study written by an avowed globalist. Here is the “bible study” they considered doing. Now, the debate is not over whether we are to be good stewards or that we are to care for the environment. The debate centers around whether Catholic churches should promote the green movement and do “bible studies” written by avowed globalists, such as Walter Grazer.

The male seminarian doesn’t even distribute the elements: Only women do, after a genderless Creed

When the time for the prayers came, we were asked to pray that “God remove all class warfare..” Class warfare? When has this been the prayers of the Catholic Church? No, this is the doctrine of the communists. And it is well-known that the Church in America has for years had communists and radical liberals amongst its ranks. Apparently, Fr. McClure is not different. Am I then to take from this that Marxists were right? The next prayer was that “God remove all racism.” What does this mean? How is it that this new prayer has entered the Novus Ordo breviary? All racism? Does this mean that I must inter-marry with other races, or else I am sinning? Am I not making a racial decision to marry someone of my own race, and thereby implying that choice is better than a woman from another race? Is that racism that I should repent of in the confessional? Should I feel even more guilt for not supporting illegal immigrants? Since when has the Catholic Church affirmed that in social theory I must give up sovereignty, marry off daughters to foreigners, give way to affirmative action and multiculturalism? In fact, when I read the Encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII or Pope Pius XI, I see them rebuke these things. And now we are expected to repent and pray for them. Well, then morals evolve over time and the Church is no longer the Church.

Enviromental propaganda under consideration at the local Church written by a globalist, Walter Grazer

No, you may not force me to repent of sins I have not committed and you may not enforce upon Catholics in this country a dogma of communist globalization and green bullshit. You deserve to be called out and rebuked, and even though you castigated me after mass for this, you are the one in the wrong. In fact, it got even worse, since what Fr. McClure professes in the creed is perfectly in harmony with his communist prayers and liberal ideas. St. Leo the Great Catholic Church would have me confess a genderless creed. No. I will not and you may not alter the creed to “us.” Fr. McClure’s feminized rejection of male authority creed is as follows:

“….who for us, and for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and was made man…”

No, the creed says for “us men” on purpose, because men are representative heads and authorities. [Note: some commenters absurdly thought that I was arguing that “men” must mean that Christ only died for males. Of course not, and no one ever thought that before these goofballs decided to drop it from the English wording of the Creed. That misses the whole point, which was to please feminists, who want it tossed out because it’s a masculine term. Why do you think feminsts reject the term “mankind”? Furthermore, the original Creed is Greek, not Latin, showing even more how silly nitpicking my point on this is. Further, the official English text, which is not to be arbitrarily alterred, is as follows “For us men and our salvation, he came down from heaven…” Grow up.] So these seemingly small changes in the creed and bizarre prayers are not innocent, trite cute little ditties that Catholics should fail to balk at. No, these things must be tossed out, as well as their liberal systems. In fact, no one there seem to care but me. Fr. McClure afterwards assured me there would be no Green Bible Study. Good. But rather than being glad that a Catholic was concerned for the feminized and genderless liturgy, no, I was bad. I was told that it was disrespectful to take photos of his mass.

Well, isn’t this interesting, since Fr. McClure had no concern to have a tabernacle present, nor did he care for his disrespect of changing the creed or having women run everything. No, Fr. McClure you have profaned the service with your banal songs, communist prayers and enforced feminism. And you were frightened when a man called you out on it. It is time for Catholics to stand up and stop being a lifeless ninny. Men are bold, fierce and red-blooded. Men build civilizations and do theology. Men are men. Women do not rule the Church in their committees and take over of religious education. And these effeminate liberal priests (of which there are an apparently unlimited supply) constantly promote women do so on purpose, knowingly. Men are, in fact, not welcomed. How dare you pull rank on me, when you have had the audacity to change the wording of the creed!

Prior to this gaggle, the local Newman House Campus ministry had a failed Dominican running things who literally argued with me that there is no eternal God. God was a time bound emergent deity, he told me. He even promoted process theology and told me I needed to grow beyond my narrow traditional understandings. The previous priest at this Church doubled at the local Unitarian Universalist “church” giving lectures and schmoozing. It’s no surprise that the local Novus Ordo here in a large state university town would be liberal, but the brazenness and insanity which dominates them is astounding. The inability to recognize real problems in culture and liturgy is astounding on the part of the layfolk, but for the priests themselves to ninny about and act like men who want to fix the liturgy are bad, is a whole new level. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that no one would want anything to do with this fake, watered down, monstrosity liturgy. So when Fr. McClure says he is concerned about getting more college students to mass, one has to wonder how serious he is, given that he wants women to dominate and offer a genderless creed. So I say get this article out and don’t let these effeminate liberals run the show. Don’t let women and ignorant college girls run your church and teach all your theology classes.

We are told in homilies and in Scripture that God is tremendously offended at not taking His liturgy serious. Banal worship, no tabernacles, Protestant praise and worship songs and mindless, droning choruses, genderless Creeds, an all-female liturgy and service, communist prayers and hideous churches are no longer cool. People are sick of it, and rightly so. People are waking up to the fact that liberal ninnies and spineless cowards have, for too long, been running our churches. In the Law and prophets, men were stoned and died over profaning the earthly temple. Catholics profess to believe that they have the realities of which those types presignified. But if these priests and bishops really believed that, they would not promote liberalism, communism and liturgical profanations. They would stand up and do the things I did at this mass – cause a stir and get mad. Damn right this hideous mass made me angry and I caused a stir. And I am in the right, and everyone knows it. You can pull rank all you want, but your rank does not permit you to destroy the liturgy by feminizing and communizing it. I applaud them for not doing the green bible study, but that’s not good enough. The church is named after Pope St. Leo. Do you think he would agree with me or with them?

Now that you’ve seen the liturgical tactics presented here, and lest you think my communist accusations are too extreme, compare the above with the tactics the communists and new left employed to attack the west and see if it isn’t the same agenda. Where have we seen multi-culturalism, accusations of class warfare, feminization, banality and promotion of the ugly, environmentalism, etc.:


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