Capital Punishment

This page preliminarily, (and for who knows how long), is a jumbled collection of positional arguments either for or against the death penalty. Once I take a firm stand and opinion on either of the two positions, I will format this page accordingly.

Regarding the Church’s Opposition to Capital Punishment
by Fr. Ted Bobosh

Any pastor living in a country in which executions are still carried out is likely to be asked why the Orthodox Church throughout the world has for so many centuries opposed, and still opposes, the death penalty. …more

Seven-Part Audio Series on Capital Punishment (pro)
by Steve the Builder (aka; Steve Robinson, Mooturtle)

  1. Steve chronicles the beginning of his shift from radical pacifism to a reconsideration of the death penalty.TRANSCRIPT
    July 23, 2009 Length: 10:30[audio:
  2. Steve discusses the Flood as the dividing line in human history in regard to the meaning of death, fear and capital punishment. Did the Mosaic Law abrogate the covenant with Noah? What do the atheist and the Christian have in common in regard to capital punishment? TRANSCRIPT
    July 31, 2009 Length: 15:38[audio:

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