Beggars and Saints, (with Matthew Gallatin)

August 17, 2012

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A 12-Step Observation

March 8, 2012

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The Nature of Things by Fr. Stephen Freeman

September 17, 2011

Whether he knows it or not,, Fr. Stephen Freeman is really helping me work through some very basic concepts of the Orthodox faith of which I frequently find myself needing more words and better organization of thought to explain to others. I guess that means, (I’m humbled to say), that I have been needing a better understanding, and a better grasp, of Orthodoxy myself. I’m humbled, but not surprised. I welcome clarification on all things, and for me, the simpler the better.

This latest post from Fr. Stephen is a clarification of some of his previous posts contrasting philosophies of morality with the true philosophy of the Gospel, (my summary), the most recent one to my recollection being his post, “Why Morality is Not Christian”. I really enjoyed that article and gained a better understanding of our Orthodox faith, and this one, “Salvation, Ontology, Existential, and Other Large Words”, clarifies it even deeper. Read the rest of this entry »