Neo-Con vs Leftist Censorship

<b>AJF</b>   I've just discovered, first hand, that a Neo-con will shut you down (censor you) in a debate just as quickly as a leftist... especially if you bring up Ron Paul.

<b>JC</b>   Yep!

<b>AJF</b> I always knew about it, in theory.... but wasn't 'real' until about an hour ago....

<b>JC</b> Interesting how first Paul is "unelectable", then as his popularity grows four years later, we switch tracks by pulling out the ad hominem and censorship.

<b>AJF</b> My friend got upset when I pointed out that now that the Republicans have a true Constitutionalist as a candidate (something they've been pinning (lip service?) for since the election of Obama... they're rejecting him as 'nuts'....

<b>JC</b> The Neocon Party solely exists for the purpose of dominating the globe militarily.

<b>AJF</b> oh.. and I got called a protestant hater, too...because I like Ron Paul, I guess

<b>JC</b> Strange considering he is the only Protestant candidate on the Republican side.

<b>CC</b> Lol! No shocker.

<b>JC</b> Funny how you're not called a Protestant hater if you vote for the Roman Catholic, Rick Santorum, :D

<b>AJF</b> My friend doesn't like my posts about Orthodoxy on Facebook and sees them as a personal attack on her....

<b>JC</b> So now she conflates Protestant Ron Paul with Orthodoxy. Go figure...

<b>AJF</b> it's the same tactic as a leftist: throw out a catch phrase such as 'racist' in an attempt to get one's opposition off track and forget about his (correct) point...

<b>CC</b> Lol, that's hilarious.

<b>JC</b> In my personal experience, I've been called a racist at least as many times by Neocons for criticizing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, which for them is more or less 'non-existent'.

<b>JC</b> And if you quote an unflattering Talmudic passage, you are *automatically anti-Semitic.

<b>AJF</b> How un-American of you to not blindly support Israel and/or the USAs support of them... but insist on following the Constitution instead.

<b>JC</b> It doesn't seem to sink in for most people that having little to no familiarity with the sources you are dealing with might disqualify you from

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