The Constant Mutiny of Protestants

St. Hilarion TroitskyIf and when I get time, I’m going to write my own examination of this phenomenon from an insider-layperson point of view…

The Contradiction in Protestant “Authority”
(Thanks for posting this Maximus and Michael)

New Martyr Hilarion Troitsky 1886-1929

It is Protestantism that openly proclaimed the greatest lie of all: that one can be a Christian while denying the Church. Nevertheless, by tying its members by some obligatory authorities and church laws, Protestantism entangles itself in hopeless contradiction: having itself separated the individual from the Church, it nevertheless places limits on that freedom. From this stems the constant mutiny of Protestants against those few and pitiful remnants of the Church consciousness which are still preserved by the official representatives of their denominations. (Christianity or the Church)


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  1. Maximus says:

    I look forward to reading your upcoming post!


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