What IS the beauty that will save the world?

Quote Frenzy  ►  “The Liturgy will save the world”  †  “In the Liturgy, postmodernism simply doesn’t have a target”  †  “Only Incense can stop postmodernism”  †  “At the sounds of the Liturgy, the idols of hermeneutics fall down”  †  “Clouds of Incense are immune to Derrida”

Yes, I’m still thinking about that great blog post by Jacob; Only Incense Can Stop Postmodernism. This is not an analysis of his post, just some thoughts stirred up from reading it….

It seems that postmodernism is destroying faith in the West. However, many in the East are enjoying a resurgence of faith. Amazing? Although analysis of how this has happened in the Roman Catholic Church is somewhat controversial, it’s not hard to assume that a destruction of the Liturgy is at the root. Where this Liturgy is not being destroyed, the RCC can boast of growth in Asia and Africa. At the same time, the Russian Orthodox Church, with a timeless liturgy, has resurrected from a position of being in the slaughter house (50+ million martyred in the 20th century alone), to being the Russian government’s most sought after ally. And even in the West, hit hardest by postmodernism, faithful Christians seem to be leaving their assaulted Christian bunkers and flocking to Churches who have a strong tradition in Liturgy, such as those expressed by this article and this article.

It is interesting to me in all of this that it would seem the day’s of Protestantism and the days of Roman Catholic ‘innovations’ are numbered. They are not ‘protected’ by any root in Liturgy, at least for the most part. They will either be rooted in the sacredness of Apostolic Tradition or simply change into some non-Christian entity and/or dissapear all together. They have only lasted as long as they have because postmodernism had not quite yet completely destroyed what they are rooted in; (strong families and communities, and the virtues they protect).

It is also interesting to me to note the supernatural power and wisdom of this Apostolic Tradition which has protected the Gospel and the Church for over 2000 years, no matter what new means are constructed (or destructed), on Earth, to try and destabilize what God has established eternally in Heaven. If it is beauty that will save the world [ search ] then what is more beautiful than what God brings to the Earth from Heaven? It really is only the beauty of the Liturgy that will save the world, (and the Church), and it really is only incense that can stop postmodernism.

*It is especially in the context of the liturgy that beauty can touch the human soul, so “superficiality, banality, and negligence” have no place in the liturgy.  *source

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